Philip Oude-Vrielink

Who you are, why you’re here and what you can do about it

Help at work and in life

I help people know who they are, why they’re here, what they can do about it, and the choices they can make.

I’m here to bridge the gap between giftedness, motivation and purpose and to bring them together. That’s why I wrote my book and created these courses — to help you clearly understand the essence of a commonly misunderstood aspect of life — Life on Purpose.

That’s my reason for being here!

I help people live with purpose and create their reason for being here.

I help people realise with startling clarity — and share their passion, contribution and fulfilment with the world.

Phil is a great facilitator and teacher. He is aware and has an ability to be in touch with what you are feeling. He challenges you to get the best outcome, but also knows where to stop. He is very measured, professional and enlightening.

Kirsty Cole

Strategy Principle

Phil is one of a kind…in a good way. He is genuine, caring, and extremely insightful. He serves others and never tries to force an idea on anyone. His outlook on things you see in yourself is amazing. His commitment to the program and the participants is amazing and I know he has changed many lives. He does all of this in a manner which is fun and above all else very respectful.

Tyrone Ko

Head of Business Operations

Phil is capable of challenging perception at the most personal level and inspiring change which have instant results. His coaching (while he makes it look effortless!) has enabled me to see and address the barriers of a lifetime, and release my full potential. I am changed forever. Thank you Phil!

Jane Murray

HR Executive

Philip is insightful and able to lead in a way that means I know what I need to do, have the internal motivation to take difficult and challenging steps, and the support and freedom to really give it a go and experience a change.

Robyn Broad

Manager Process Excellence

Phil has such a unique ability to bring about my own realisations, working with me as an alternative to coaching / teaching me. It is much more powerful to have my own realisations!

Martin Stone

Senior Manager Financial Crime

Phil has an ability to take a group on a journey of insight and discovery in a way that is empowering and insightful to each individual. Phil combines a deep experience, keen intellect and non judgemental approach that is truly empowering to all participants. Phil is able to move a group through a journey of insight and enlightenment that can impact each participants ability to lead themselves and others and lead a more fulfilled life.

Gareth Thomas

Customer Experience Manager

Phil encourages and pushes you to find out what drives you and what your true values and purpose is. This course has had a massive difference on me and I feel privileged to participate.

Jeri Thomas

Head of Group Insurance Operations

Phil is a genuine, authentic, empathetic person who acts with integrity. My experience of his gifts of clarity and wisdom are, using his word “awesome” and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any person or organisation. I highly recommend Phil and the inspirational work that he is doing.

Zaheed Evans

Senior Legal Counsel

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