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Philip Oude-Vrielink

Author, coach and facilitator.

 What is Life on Purpose?

Studies show that a sense of meaning and purpose in life has a consistently positive effect on clarity, resilience, motivation, passion, happiness, health and even lifespan.

People are rightfully tired and sceptical of superficial, ‘lovely but useless’ approaches to answering ‘life purpose’. Most methods skim the surface and lack the depth needed for startling recognition. The problem is:

  • Existing methods are insufficient to realise with astonishing clarity our reason for being here. 
  • People don’t know what to do or where to start. If they did, they’d be doing it.

That’s where Life on Purpose comes in. 

There’s a revolution underway with people clarifying their life purpose. Methods that used to be adequate are no longer good enough to achieve the enthusiasm and confidence of an inspiration-infused life.

Purpose no longer needs to remain unanswered.

You no longer need to keep floundering with a lack of meaning and purpose in your life. You can replace the menace of meaninglessness with the passion of purpose.

Life on Purpose is an online course from coach and facilitator Philip Oude-Vrielink, produced after decades of relentless refinement. In his 8-part program, Philip takes you on a deep immersive experience where you realise and define with striking recognition:

  • Why you’re here
  • How to create your life purpose
  • What to do to unleash your true contribution

The course includes original exclusive videos, a comprehensive manual, guided activities, interactions, and more.

 Why is Life on Purpose so effective?

There is a huge market. Research consistently estimates that 15% of the population are hungry for genuine self-discovery, for whom realising one’s potential is of primary importance, and self-actualization a significant and unmet need. 

The topic deserves striking clarity. The market is discerning and people are turned off by methods that are ‘lovely but useless’. That’s where this method is unique. This approach consistently achieves a standard of ‘Wow!’ Startling recognition — where people say ‘that explains it’ — is the result they get.

Customers are happy. This is not a science of success program. It is the art of fulfilment program. It does not suit people who just want a job or successful career. For people who have the pressing question of meaning, it goes to astonishing depth, and great satisfaction results. It clearly gives these people something they want. This course is designed to improve peoples overall meaning and wellbeing, and they consistently say that it does.

This course is for you when the question, ‘what am I here for?’ is up for you.

 But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people say about their experience of this program:

Just wanted to share this with anyone who hates their job, is just tired, tired, tired, with the daily grind, just can’t seem to find any sense of purpose or meaning in their work, and might be wondering what the hell they’re here for. This guy, Philip Oude-Vrielink, as well as being an awesome person, has been instrumental in helping me get clear about what I’m here for, (after years of feeling very lost), how what I bring can be of service (after years of assuming what I had to offer was useless), and how to navigate the roadblocks along the way of pursuing my work and passion. He works with a huge variety of people – from lawyers, to CEOs to artists – and has an incredible ability to help people discover for themselves their inherent gifts (‘what’ your natural talents are), the message they bring through their gifts (‘why’ you do what you do), and the need they’re serving through all this (‘who’ needs what you have to give). If the question, ‘what am I here for?’ (beyond a job or a successful career) is up for you, then Phil is your guy. He’s just launched an online program and also offers private coaching. Highly recommended!!!

Lucy Hardie


 The 8-Part Life on Purpose Immersive Experience

 Where effortless motivation, meaningful service and skilful contribution meet.

Course 1: Fulfilment

What is it really, no really?

You learn the factors of fulfilment, discover the role of transformational pressure, appreciate the layers of sustainable motivation, extend the Calling Creation Model, and appreciate how it all fits together.

Course 2: Values

How to know what values actually matter!

Discover your lived values and how they play out in your life, and create your Value-Stack. You’ll understand, recognise and make sense of how you experience your values in every day life and define for yourself what that’s all about.

Course 3: Message

Realise with startling clarity your reason for being here!

Realise your Message, define your Message-Bridge, and write the Mission Statement of your life. You will discover your defining Message, unpack your Message-Bridge, and learn what you can do to further master it.

Course 4: Gift

How to know what you are truly great at!

Discover your natural potential talents and how your gift shows up in life, create your Gift-Stack, learn what you can do to further develop it, write your unique Purpose Pattern — the mission statement of your life, and craft your Choice Pattern — what to do with the rest of your life.

Course 5: Condition

How to flip concerns to accelerate your success!

Discover the usefulness of concerns and practise turning them into conditions that accelerate your success. You will learn to deal effectively with your fears with a practise that redirects them into being the very thing that accelerates your progress.

Course 6: Craft

How to create more meaningful experience, every time!

Learn to appreciate your experience in a new way as you craft your life with more meaning and motivation. You will cover the different ways to shape your experience and situations in life, the basis for doing so, and inform more meaningful choice.

Course 7: Connect

How to communicate to motivate others towards your message!

Skilfully communicate and connect with others about what you do and why — to motivate others to take action towards your message.

Course 8: Commit

How to master commitment and realign resistance!

Discover and learn a completely new and potent way to make commitment stick! You convert resistance, and commit to how you will create what matters and share your reason for being here with the world.


12 powerful methods

Learn methods of genuine self-discovery and empowerment.


76 original videos

Unlimited access to exclusive video insight from Phil.


60-day guarantee

We’re completely confident about your astonishing clarity.

 All for $197.00

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First Sample Email

Subject Line: I think you’d love this course. I just signed up!

I recently realised I was tired, tired, tired of wondering what the heck I’m here for! But since starting this online course, I now realise I was going about it all wrong.

Purpose is not what you do but why you do what you do. And if you do what truly matters for you, you’ll create your reason for being here, do what matters, and feel fulfilled.

That’s been my experience so far with Life on Purpose, an online wellness and personal transformation course with author, speaker, coach and facilitator, Philip Oude-Vrielink.

When a friend first told me about Life on Purpose, I was hesitant and sceptical. I didn’t think I’d have the time for it, or even if I did, that I’d realise what I’m here for. However, after a few exercises, and deeply recognising why I’m here, I was hooked.

I’ve been doing a little bit here, a little bit there – just whenever I can – and I’m noticing a huge difference in my sense of meaningfulness and overall fulfilment.

Since I’m already getting so much from the course, I thought I’d tell you about it. That way we can share in the experience!

If the question, ‘what am I here for?’ (beyond a job or a successful career) is up for you, sign up here. (You’ll be so happy you did!)

Remember, we all have a purpose which can be discerned. You don’t need to spend another day unclear and unfulfilled. Isn’t it time you knew yours? You can do that right now! So why not take advantage of it?

I’m excited to hear about your experience!

With gratitude,


Second Sample Email

Subject Line: Let’s fulfil our reason for being here together!

It’s been three weeks since I started the online course Life on Purpose with Philip Oude-Vrielink, and I couldn’t be happier!

I know a lot of people are rightfully cynical about this sort of course, and I have done many of them myself, but this course is the real deal. I have answered to a depth of startling recognition that I didn’t know was possible — until this program.

Not only am I more online with why I’m here, incorporating the potent coaching techniques and simple exercises into my daily routine and in-the-moment experiences has been easier and more empowering (and more fun!) than I expected.

Since I’m more aligned with what I’m here to spread, I’m more passionate, engaged and motivated with what I do and excited about what is yet to come. So while I have greater energy, I also feel more fulfilled, and … well, happy.

The course has taught me that it’s never too late to get clear about why you’re here, live with passionate purpose and change the way you think about your life and experience.

I’d love it if you share the experience with me.

I have about half the course to go, and I can’t wait for what’s next!

To get started, just click here.

With gratitude,


Third Sample Email

Subject Line: This was so worth it!

After completing all eight parts of the Life on Purpose program, I can confidently say that I feel like a more purposeful, fulfilled and happier version of myself.

The videos with Philip Oude-Vrielink made so much sense and offered tons of insight. They have really changed the way I experience my life and why I’m here. Plus, being able to interact with other course participants and with Philip himself truly added to the experience.

I now believe more than ever that all of life is a gift. It doesn’t have to be sad or hard or endless challenge. Meaning and purpose is always available, right now. You can make choices that keep you passionate, fulfilled and aligned with your reason for being here.

I know I just finished, but I can’t wait to revisit some of the videos and exercises from the course, especially the unique and powerful self-coaching methods, so that I may keep improving and mastering my life.

If the question of meaning is up for you, this course is for you.

I hope you take the time to discover your Life on Purpose. You won’t regret it.

With gratitude,


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Fulfilment Factors Overview


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Life on Purpose Overview


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Philip Oude-Vrielink Overview


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