Life on purpose—Your true calling and how to create it

A comprehensive and profound coverage of a much needed topic.

'His concept is unique - and so needed by most people, even those who, like me, think they are pretty well on track.' — Elizabeth Stephens, Editor

When one or many


For individuals

—Gets to the heart of true authenticity, contribution, alignment and purpose


For groups

—Reveals how to connect with the source of intrinsic motivation and engagement



Our purpose is not, ‘What am I here to do?’ Our purpose is, ‘What quality am I here for and how do I choose to create it?

Your own life is the answer — when you decode the clues.

Doing so shows that the purpose of your life is your life. What you’re here for is what your life is the answer to.

Our calling is a quality, there all along, unknown to us.

What is that quality and how do we create it? This book shows you how to answer that.

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