Intro to Life On Purpose

Know. What’s needed

Clarify. What’s involved

Understand. Living with purpose

Complimentary online introduction course

There’s a revolution underway with people clarifying their life purpose. Methods that used to be adequate are no longer good enough to achieve the enthusiasm and confidence of an inspiration-infused life.

Watch the video.

Here’s the audio and transcript . Every unit includes these resources — so you can download, take it with you, and listen to or read it at your leisure.

Free introduction course

What’s needed

As a result of decades of relentless refinement, a new way of realising your life’s work and purpose, one that goes beyond likes and wants and delivers deep recognition has emerged: the sweet-spot of your true calling.

In this free online course, I share the experience, thinking and wisdom behind the Calling Creation Method and book Life on Purpose.

Life on Purpose Online Course

Specifically you will learn

  • Why ‘success no longer satisfies’ is common and predictable
  • The attributes you need to align
  • The things masterfully authentic and fulfilled people know and do
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of existing methods
Life on purpose weekend program

You’ll be glad you did!

This program distills 20 years of practise and shares the keys to achieving extraordinary purpose and fulfilment.


All so you can align your life, live with purpose, create your reason for being here and experience deep fulfilment!

To help you with that is my reason for being here!

Essential Keys

What you need to know to achieve extraordinary purpose and fulfilment.

If you want to align with and accelerate your life’s work and purpose, you must deeply recognise your extraordinary signature style and make the right choices for the right reasons. This course will teach what’s needed to make the right changes, create your essential legacy and unleash your true contribution. 

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