Life On Purpose Program

Your true calling and how to create it.


Be clear. Know with startling clarity your reason for being here

Be inspired. Use your unique keys for living with purpose

Be passionate. Enthusiastically create what matters

Here we work to the standard of 'WOW!'

You do this program when you truly want to know and create your reason for being here.

Why you’re here and how to make it happen — with stunning clarity.

In essence — answer what you need to know to live your life with extraordinary meaning, passion and fulfilment.

Why? Because why you pursue something is equally important to what you pursue.

Want to know your recipe for a meaningful life — to fulfil your reason for being here? This program is for you.

Watch the video

In this video I describe what’s involved to answer purpose — an overview of the program. It applies to all forms of the program — online, weekend workshop, and private mentoring — even though written for the online course.

As an example of how I support different ways you might like to learn, every online unit has audio and transcripts — so you can download, take it with you and listen or read at your leisure.

Three flexible ways to do this program.

Pick what works for you — to suit your preferences.

Online course

  • Work at your own pace
  • Available anytime
  • Videos of all lessons
  • The complete manual
  • Audio to take with you
  • Transcripts to read later

Perfect for people who prefer working at their own pace.

Weekend program

Weekend program

  • Learn with the creator
  • Interact and learn together
  • Two-day intensive
  • Ask questions as they happen
  • Engage in real-time
  • Work hard

Perfect for people who prefer working live.

Life on purpose private mentoring

Private Mentoring

  • One session per topic
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 1:1 with the creator
  • Meet in person or video
  • Realise in real-time
  • Work deep and fast

Perfect for people who prefer and are up for working 1:1.

The online course is complete.

Hassle-free 30-day guarantee.

If you don’t walk away excited and motivated to change your life, you can get a full refund.


Weekend includes the online course.

No questions 1st half-day guarantee.

If you don’t experience profound and startling recognition, you can get a full refund.

Includes online and weekend program.

Zero risk 1st-session guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your first session, you can get a full refund.

What you will do


  • Reveal with startling clarity what you’re here for
  • Clarify the essence of your changeless purpose
  • Discover your keys to masterful authenticity
  • Choose your best options based on your keys
  • Convert concerns into conditions for success
  • Craft more meaningful experience
  • Communicate to motivate others to action
  • Master your commitments and resistance

What you will create


  • Message. Your changeless aspect of purpose.
  • Message-Bridge. How your Message unpacks.
  • Value Stack. Your hierarchy of lived values and how you experience them.
  • Gift Stack. Your defining natural talent.
  • Purpose Pattern. How you enliven your existing choices or confidently make congruent ones.
  • Commitment Map. How you make it stick.

Most conventional methods lack depth.

This proprietary approach achieves consistent startling recognition and application.

Through working with Phil, I am more on a mission than ever!



I don’t think I know of a greater pain than living a life devoid of meaning and purpose and Phil’s work brings that back into the everyday world of our life and work. It’s not just about getting inspired, it’s about getting practical and real which is what makes this work so exciting.



I naturally do this! That’s just who I am! It all makes sense now!



Phil encourges and pushes you to find out what drives you and what your true values and purpose is. This course has had a massive difference on me and I feel privileged to participate.


Senior Manager

You will recognise strengths in yourself you may never have seen. I guarantee you will leave feeling energised and empowered to change.


HR Executive

Philip never gives you the answers but is committed to working with you until you realise your own insight and wisdom. He is someone I trust and value in my life.


Senior Manager

The crystal clarity of having my purpose spelt out was astonishingly effective.


Editor, CEO

Philip’s work is revolutionary because it is simple, yet profound. The life on purpose approach enables me to feel that I am creating for the right reasons, and as a result I feel fulfilled.



Watch the video

Checkout what it’s about!

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