We each have our gifts to share. They’re part of who we are and the way our lives are shaped. They’re our power to transform—ourselves and others.

We are not our gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, language, hair coverage, parental status, belt size, psychology, augmentation, practise or any other typing.

Our gifts are not based on these things—they’re delivered through them.

Assumption, for or against, based on category simply limits and diminishes. The group is not the individual and the individual is not the group. You and I are always more than any descriptions used to separate us.

All our notes are important for our music. The part of one does not diminish any other. What matters is how we play together.

How about we raise our sound to division? How about we make our song for union?

Let us choose to focus on giving, receiving and celebrating each other. May we each share our gifts and together create the hope we have for our world.

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