Humanising isn’t objectifying.

Treating you as a human is not the same as treating you as an object. Who you are as a person is not the same as any labels that describe you. Honouring your humanity is not the same as categorising things about you.

Specific isn’t generalised.

Knowing what people experience tells us nothing about what you’re experiencing. Understanding what’s true for you is very different to making decisions about a group used to describe you. Encouraging you to be at your best performance is very different to making assumptions about the ability of your type to perform.

Truth can’t be assumed.

Using diagnostics supportively is not the same as using them instructively. Using diagnostics to support you to make decisions is not the same as making decisions about you using diagnostics. Appropriately helping you understand yourself, your life and your ability to contribute, is very different from making depersonalised and categorised assumptions about you, your life and your ability to contribute.

Supporting you is not the same as labelling you.

One approach connects, the other divides.

One approach nurtures, the other limits.

One approach liberates, the other imprisons.

Personal isn’t impersonal.

Dishonouring your humanity can never honour it. Seeing you as a category can never see you personally. Just because it’s true for a population does not mean it’s true for you.

What’s inside is different from what can be seen.

Supportive connections are different from diagnostic categories. You are not and never will be the category that anyone might try to apply to you.

You are and always will be magnificently you.

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